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Chicken Pepper Soup

Chicken Pepper Soup is all I think about in cold and freezing weather. Chicken in spicy broth filled with bold flavors and simmered with aromatic spices and herbs. Serve very hot is what I will always recommend.

Pepper soup is very healthy because it has less or no oil, the spices are very medicinal, and low in calories unless served with starchy sides which have high carbs. Pepper soup is a very versatile soup and can be served any time of the day, it can be enjoyed as breakfast, appetizer, and main course.

One thing about Pepper soup is the irresistible flavor which is always inviting. My parents made me believe that, any seriously sick person who doesn’t have an appetite to eat other foods will always choose pepper soup. In Cameroon, it’s a common meal served to new moms or breastfeeding moms, I was told it increases breastmilk flow, but I can’t explain how that happens.

Ingredients to Use:

This recipe uses many ingredients but I will sort out the most important ones.

  • Chicken: I used mature/hard chicken which is tougher and requires a longer cooking time. Feel free to use any meats of your choice, but note that, each meat has its own cooking time. If using Hard meats, boil first till tender before bringing in pepper soup spices and other ingredients so that, you don’t overcook the spices. Over-cooked spices reduce aroma and flavor. If using Soft meats, boil with all spices till tender. Check the recipe card for more.
  • Pepper Soup Spice: A combination of traditional spices with bold flavors. You can get it already combined in an African grocery store or market, you can also make yours by watching this Video.
  • Njangsa: Unique nutty oily seed which is medicinal and also acts as a soup thickener. Be careful not to use a lot of it, like your soup will be very thick.
  • Scotch bonnets or Habanero peppers. For a spicy kick. Adjust accordingly. Also adds up flavor to the soup
  • Prekese and Bay leaves: For flavor
  • Salt and Seasoning powder for taste.

What Can I serve with Peppers soup?

Pepper soup is often served with starchy sides like fufu, rice, yams, potatoes, and plantains. It can also be eaten as it is. When served as an appetizer, it doesn’t require a side.


  1. Before cooking meats, wash appropriately and cook with enough water for the soup. Water can be adjusted according to the amount of soup you need. Keep adding water as needed till the meat is tender.
  2. Sometimes meats tend to emit a lot of oil, you can scoop oil with a spoon and discard or keep it.
  3. Be careful not to use too much pepper soup spice, like the soup will be bitter.

Storing and Preheating:

Any leftovers can be stored in an air-tight container and preserved in the fridge for up to 3 days and in the freezer for about 3 months. Thaw before heating on low heat or microwave.

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Chicken Pepper Soup

Chicken in spicy broth filled with bold flavors and simmered with aromatic spices and herbs. Serve very hot!
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Course: Appetizer, Main Course
Cuisine: African
Keyword: pepper soup, chicken
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 1 hour
Servings: 6 people
Calories: 268kcal
Author: Claudy



  • 1 Whole Chicken (mature/hard chicken) sliced and washed
  • 2 tbsp Njangsa ground
  • 2 Habanero peppers
  • 2 Sweet mini peppers or ½ red bell pepper
  • 4 Garlic cloves
  • ½ thumpsize Ginger
  • ½ tbsp Seasoning Powder
  • 2 tsp Salt
  • 1½ tbsp Peppersoup spice
  • 2  Bay Leaves
  • ¼ Prekese aidan fruit
  • Some Fresh Basil or Cilantro Chopped, to garnish
  • 6-7 cups Water


  • In a Blender, add the habanero peppers, onion, ginger, garlic, mini peppers, and njangsa. Blend till smooth. Set Aside.
  • Add chicken slices to a pot, and season with salt and seasoning powder. Mix till well coated. Then add bay leaves, prekese, and water, you need enough water for the soup. Boil on high till tender. Mine cooked for 1 hour.
    Note: If using soft chicken, don't boil first before bringing the other ingredients. Combine soft chicken with all the ingredients, and boil for 15-20 minutes till tender. Hard chicken takes a longer time to cook and you don't want the spices to overcook.
  • When chicken is tender, now bring in the blended mix, pepper soup spice, and stir till combined. Now Cover the pot and let it simmer on medium heat for 10 minutes. Add more water if needed.
  • Using a spoon, scoop out oil emitted from the chicken and discard. (optional)
  • Garnish with chopped basil or any scented leaf and stir well. Taste to adjust any seasonings.
  • Serve immediately and enjoy


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Calories: 268kcal | Carbohydrates: 9g | Protein: 49g | Fat: 1g | Saturated Fat: 0.2g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 0.2g | Monounsaturated Fat: 0.2g | Cholesterol: 1mg | Sodium: 567mg | Potassium: 265mg | Fiber: 2g | Sugar: 5g | Vitamin A: 1946IU | Vitamin C: 104mg | Calcium: 78mg | Iron: 1mg









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